Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One shot Wednesday

I see his face
a star strewn sky
a kindred spirit of me
I hear his song - a melody crisp
but a soul less rendering of sighs
his eyes are blank - though his hands are rich
and one could fathom not
why his songs are sung with so much thought
his soul having taken flight....

for One shot wednesday
and for 55 G-Man


  1. ah, nice flow to this one...interesting the connection we develop between people having never really met...or maybe in dream...that is what this speaks to me seeing this face in the sky and feeling that connection...

  2. Perfect--this matches my awesome weekend!

    Hugs Young Lady!


  3. Very smooth. I like the flow very much.

  4. Very good. Nice flow and a perceptive write.

  5. Beautiful words..."his soul taken flight"..love it!

  6. I like how the speaker questions the though provoking aspect of the subject but then answers the question as a flight of soul, and yet the song is "soul less rendering of sighs." Must be a kindred spirit because your poem is thought provoking.

  7. i wonder if this is about death..the soul having taken flight...in all the songs it has a sad feeling somehow...

  8. "his eyes are blank - though his hands are rich"

    I find that to be such a vivid, intense image.

  9. I wonder about the disconnection between the mind and the soul. Interesting One Shot.

  10. This has a mystical quality to it; as though the physical shape is staying to inform while the spiritual being has gone on to another plane. Exceptional and deep work. Thank you, Gay

  11. I like that this can translate into the kindred spirit of love with a twin flame or that which lies within us eternally. That is where it took me...thank you ~ Rose

  12. I'm thinking of someone who has died, but his words still mean a lot

  13. My favourite poem yet, so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

  14. "a soul less rendering of sighs"

    "eyes are blank - though his hands are rich"

    Excellent metaphors -- I may steal them off you! ;)

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture