Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Ma....

You are the soul of my soul
I am the flesh of your flesh
You are therefore I am

In my being you were reborn
yours are the arms that hold me
when I am reduced to a sigh

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  1. ..when i am reduced to a sigh... love this..feel this...

  2. when i am reduced to a the second half....the first part, i was thrown off a bit by the that an age or year?

  3. reduced to a sigh - oh, I know that feeling, you summed it up nicely. lovely poem

  4. when I am reduced to a sigh

    oh, this poem reduced me to a sigh. so lovely. thank you for linking.

  5. the last two lines are swoony, Em's right, I breathe deep after reading them, too.

  6. Sweet sentiment.

    By the way, the 10thDoM admins are going to disqualify this. 10thDoM doesn't accept old posts. Just letting you know.

  7. Sorry but this is an old piece (10th May) 10thDoM only allows previously unpublished contributions. Better hurry, only a few hours left. Cheers:)