Tuesday, December 28, 2010

one shot..

I would not long for baubles
but cherish what remains
of intercepted thoughts
and midnight's entertain

I do not fancy roses
for long before they came
my heart in bloom already
had vast acres of them

I do not long for kisses
as flowery as they be
however deep they drag me
in wells of ecstasy

I do not long for touches
for touches when be gone
I will be left at crossroads
alone...and forlorn

I long for thee, I crave for ye
your breath mingles with mine
forever and evermore
our souls intertwined

My shot for 'one shot wednesday' a great platform for poets


  1. baubles, roses, kisses, and touches are nothing as compared to thee..
    It is only thee for whom there's a crave inside me.. :D

    Very nicely done..Love it :)

  2. i dont want what you can give me, i just want you...very nice...now that is love...smiles.

  3. the heart in bloom already before the roses came...this is lovely..

  4. beautiful with all the lovely things flowing within your poem, amazing!=D~~ may all your wishes come true and thank for linking in!=D~~~

  5. budh.aaah, that is a brillinat poem. I love the one abot the kisses and the 2nd stanza in particular. So well written with a good cadence. :) Keep it up.

    now, to your comment--no problems, you have until Jan 4th to post something for C.T. then can sing in with link to it on that day so rest of us can visit. :) Can't wait!

  6. Very lovely and perfect for a wish for the new year!

    Here from Riika's Resolutions challenge.

  7. I love it! It flows well and the rhyme is perfect. Happy 2011

    Mine: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/live-today-a-sestina/