Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends..

Its Thansgiving and Brians been missing from the theme thursday no doubt spending quality time with his family like everyone else this it should be spent. Everyone has something to be thankful for in their lives however bleak their life be. I have lost and yet I have you. I am thankful to God for you.

Here is something that I've written today..its a simple piece but reminds of all that we still have in our hold, cherish whats left..

This Year

Oh don’t go / don’t leave me all torn
Its November now / but its still this year
Come December and one more link with you
will be gone
why does the new year come?
When I am not yet through with the old
Why does this year have to go
My dear father, when I miss you so..



  1. The beating heart must be allowed to feel what it feels. Grieve until you are done and then remember the one you miss with smiles, not tears.

  2. When my Father passed recently, the first year was the hardest. Now I embrace the memories and they fill me with much joy. I send you strength..
    lovely write

  3. rumors of my disappearance are greatly exaggerated...smiles. i have taken a bit of time just to be the last couple days...fear not i will return. smiles.

    that last line the mising of someone and the years stretching in between...i feel that...

    happy thanksgiving...

  4. Thanks for the visit and the comment. May your Thankssgiving be warm and full of family and love. enjoyed your poem.

  5. Happy day to you:)


  6. What a beautiful piece, so very heartfelt.

  7. Hope all of you had a nice warm fun-filled Thanksgiving with people you love.

    Thank you all for the nicecomments. God bless you.

    Welcome Shahidj to my blog :)