Friday, March 25, 2011

New York

I have a friend
Ah been meaning to visit
yes, its long due

she lives in jersey
but all I ever do is catch a wisp of
her Manhattan blues

New York
here I come now
ah booked my ticket tis true

She told me just yesterday
about how cruel the world is
how self - wrapped they all are
how sick of it all she is

I think she has given up
piping her dreams to smoke
and though she lives in Jersey
t'was of Manhattan she spoke

I need to see what she sees
and put her mind to rest
tell 'er the sun is the same
that shines on her
the moon is as close there as here
one color is true to every place
and every heart pumps the same red

So here I come..have my ticket in hand
oye yes this is so true
for I have to give her a respite
from forever singing the blues...

New York
here I come now
ah booked my ticket tis true



  1. nice. if you really have the opportunity its an amazing place....and really like teh line piping her dreams to smoke...have a great saturday my friend....

  2. interesting. evocative. enjoyed it.

    masterymistery at
    cosmic rapture

  3. the hand of a friend makes the moon brighter, the sun warmer. You can tell her it is the same where you are, but she will see it better, closer, warmer when you are with her

  4. thanks for a longer than usual verse - I enjoyed it very much. Hope all is well, best wishes, PW.

  5. Oh I enjoyed this - New York inspires so many people - can't wait to go there. Shah .x