Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I want to flow free with the river,
fly far upon the wings of the wind..
I want to die so as to live again,
my spirit no longer is a stranger to me...

I am done with kissing frogs - now -
send me a force to reckon with



  1. kissing frogs just gives you warts anyway...smiles.

  2. Fun poem with some big ideas.

    Nice One Shot!

  3. I'm always here for a peck on the check my dear!!


  4. What did the Enlightened One say while sitting in the dentist's chair? "Budhaaah!" (LOL!)

  5. This is wonderful!

    Majority of time kissing frogs disillusions us. it is better to be like water, take shape of everything without loosing own identity.

  6. Why not be the force to be reckoned with?

  7. Aahh... off to dreamland..huh??
    But loved this line -- "I want to die so as to live again" -- really FELT it!! Loved the spirit in it, the love for life in it...

    Ummm.. and kissing frogs? I think I might know what you want... A prince maybe?! ;)

    Peace and hugs...

  8. Thank you so much all of you here and the ones who didnt make it but are here often..I thank you all with all my heart. You guys really know how to make one go on when one feels too weak to even breathe.
    Brian, No jokes eh :)

    Ollie, Thanks a ton

    John, hmm so where's that cheek again dear :)

    Bubba, at least he took my name even if while on the dreaded chair (lols)

    Ah Shubho, there you are again just when I though I had lost you forever.

    WM, you know you have always turned everything that I feel or say around so, that sometimes I feel you are the only one who sees this strength in me. But can I really match upto your expectations of me?

    Kavita, Oh I live eternally in a dreamland..dont know much about reality. And yes I want that one Prince :)

  9. ha....i laughed at the end....enjoyed this..cheers pete

  10. Remember, we sometimes get what we wish for. ;)
    Great poem!

  11. best wishes, magic will hit if you keep faith,

    love your blog, your poetry is impressive!
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    Thanks, we value your support. xxx

  12. Yes my darling friend you can because you already have.