Friday, February 18, 2011

A story in 55?

They met in the metro
and experienced their first kiss
that meeting aah was pure bliss
but life is not lived in a metro
one has to touch base..face reality
so she got choice..
goodbye love..she says
its hard to love..
and be loved in bits and pieces and a whim..

If you can write a story in 55 words..tell G-man


  1. great closing line,,it is,,,very nicely played 55

  2. At least you now can see the tracks that lead the Metro cars away from that station. There is another just up the line. Travel safely.

  3. Sometimes thats all we have is Bits and Pieces!
    Loved your story.
    Perfect 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Sometimes people get hooked on the bits though and never learn how to love wholey. Happy 55 day.

  5. Ohhh... I just read Joanny's elevator 55, and now I read about love in the Metro!!
    I guess love shows up at the oddest of places, and many a time, in bits and pieces too... I hope the characters in your poem join those bits and complete the jigsaw puzzle together...

    A good one, B!!

  6. That's a really great closing line!

  7. Great little story - and quite a challenge 55 is!

    Thought you might want to have a go at this challenge?

    There is a writing challenge from 'girl from north country' which I found on Saturday at my blog. Join up and you could get a reward - see her cool blog for details. She simply wants people to answer the question below and link it to her blog, leaving her a comment linking her to your story.

    The Question is....

    Who is this man? (the picture on my blog)
    Yep - It’s that simple, tell a story, short and sweet, or a tall tale.

    Great post btw - love your pictures. Shah .X