Saturday, January 8, 2011

Destiny - plays a tough game
- we are putty but in its hands..

If sorrow it is, then sorrow it be
for you - in her grand plan..

fight all you want, cry all you will
it has no heart to feel

and you will have - what you must get
it changes just the brand..



  1. Hrmm.. See I disagree with this poem (although beautiful) I think we create our own destiny and plans. I know there are outcomes - like quantum physics in a sense ---- so what path we choose will determine our "happiness" and "future" ---well being all around. Happiness is an inside job - in the mind - so is depression. Outside circumstances are all factors of deciding what we will choose. This is what I "choose" to believe. :)
    Great piece though!!!

  2. very helpless, though. If nothing we do can alter our future, then we must resign to whatever comes? I want to feel my actions have some impact in the outcome of my present.
    Great thought provoking post!

  3. Can't we change our Destiny some? Or at lesat the way we react to and and process our challenges?

    Just askin?