Thursday, January 27, 2011

all traces..Friday Flash 55.....

Oh pure joy it has been
to see and to be seen
with you..I sigh
tis tough saying goodbye
and then it sinks in

something dies within...

You throw away a slip
a parking ticket..a chit..
with a sinking heart - I see - sweet
you erasing all traces
of the day spent with me...

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  1. Budh.aaah..
    Sad and powerful!
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G
    Great Job!!!!

  2. the scenario is well written in so few words
    some things aren't meant to be

  3. Not the perfect ending to an otherwise perfect day. Enjoyed this.

  4. oh this one has a sting...i like the parking chit as with it once we got what we needed it becomes useless...great metaphor...nice 55

  5. But that thrown away ticket can always come back with a bite.

  6. It's sad to be discarded like an old scrap of paper.

    (In fact, I wrote a similar piece called "Paper")

  7. Amazing that such a story can be told in so few words.

  8. Wow.. to me this sounds like a breakup... Like after it's over you just start to erase them.

  9. Very sad and hits close to home. I remember a past loved one telling me how I erased her out of her life, little by little, removing home videos of us, removing blog posts written about her, ------removing her. But she was never quite "removed" in my heart. Look beyond.
    Beautiful piece.

  10. Rather heartbreaking in so few words. It's amazing how much one can so so briefly. Excellent job!

    Mine is at:

  11. I suppose the fire could be from a broken heart!
    to be seen and felt is good- but the walking away
    or being left- no. Thanks-