Thursday, December 2, 2010


Steep stone terrain
weak resolve
sweet succour - beckons us all
win we must - or face our crime
- apathy - disdain -
overbearing drive...



  1. love the contrast in textures in the first several we must, yes...

  2. Oh it does, and has done for centuries now.
    You need about a dozen for a good sized store building. These days they are mainly used for decoration, as they were always made from real stone and quite handsome.
    I am ambivalent about the pronunciation of succour :-), and probably unanimous in that.
    Comes from reading poems out loud in my head. If that is indeed possible.
    Oh dear, I'd better stop...

  3. Win we must to conquer all with a strong determination or else the terrain continues to be steep and we can never reach the end.

    Well thought lines here!!

  4. Sometimes knowledge comes in a flash. but for most of us things are always through 'Steep stone terrain' and sweet morbid sentimentalism, all are illusions..what else? may be my innate Raja quality always throws me into a profound egotism but i believe whatever comes just face the brute, and no compromise. that is a lesson for all life - face the brute whether thorny path, morbid weaknesses, only one thing always count - face it boldly. the hardships of life fall back when we cease to flee before them.
    this is an incredible verse. I like it very much. inspiration comes from anywhere, just do not make the fire die inside.

  5. welcome to poets rally.
    cute piece.

  6. I like!

  7. brilliant...well done;)

  8. Beautiful words... really well done:-)

  9. Very good word choice, alliteration, vivid imagery--to the point--I really liked this.

  10. The human condition shines through. -J

  11. Short and simple, yet solid, with a strong message.

  12. The inherent message conveyed is stronger than stones.

  13. Thanks a ton everyone for your precious visit and the kind comments.

    Yes Brian,
    even though taught otherwise - winning sometimes is everything right win we must even if it be for self preservation..

    Nanka, I couldnt get through to your blog

    Ahh Shubhajit,

    You use the word incredible and that warms me old heart :)

  14. Lovely poem. I suppose you're right - we must something otherwise we're just losers huh.

  15. Strong and powerful poetry...

    "Steep stone terrain
    weak resolve
    sweet succour"

    Amazing... :)

  16. I like short and sweet! Keep pushing for the victory, awesome..

  17. Thank you for the thoughtful, stony thoughts.


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