Saturday, December 4, 2010

sweet ecstasy

Never send a song to me - my love
that you did not write for me

It would be an echo from your past
I wasnt a part of
and that you dont want to part with..

She was spread
on your consciousness
when you wrote then -
but you - spread - your wings
when you wrote to me..

Never send a song to me - my love
that you did not write for me.



  1. I have to agree with you Bud...that is one of those times when it is not wise to recycle.

  2. that's touching, some years ago a girl kept sending me these songs, it was her way of expressing her feelings

  3. i dont mind left over chinese which is sometimes better the day though is not good second hand...

  4. great background you have here!


  5. Lovely piece, reminders to only send dreams to the one they are meant for... perfectly suited for.

  6. Ohhhh this is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to romance. I used to have a girl who would send me songs on a CD, and I later found out that all these songs, she once shared with another lover. Totally broke my heart. :(

    Only originals...always.

  7. Thank you all so much for the being my pillar of strength.

    Oh yes Deb, it does happen sometimes does it not, when due to lack of time or commitment ( or love?? whoa ) they recycle

  8. Your writing is amazing. Love it!

  9. this is really beautiful, Budaaaah. Lovely.

    thank you by the way for popping into the Christmas TEa. Every person added to the hubbub in their won way. Next year please come again and dp stay, if able sp we ca get top know you a bit more! :)

  10. A+ ?? Wow Jingle I am honored :)

    Hey Toots (couldnt resist that Tootsie :) It was an old word used often now forgotten - in my life ) Thanks for ur love and support


    Oh I hope I come in for a long stay and add to the cheer there - not draggingmy feet around with a long face like I did this time. Thats why I left the party quite early - even before it started. Didnt want to be the party pooper..

  11. nicely done, I loved the whole idea of it. Echoes of the past can spoil things far too often, it's a pity that some don't realize that the song needs to change with every flip of the 45.

  12. But really, how does it matter? Why even doubt that she didn't write it for you ? :) Ofcourse this is easier said than done! :( Alas, such is the mind.. always skeptical..

    Beautiful poem though, Budhaaah... very heartfelt and honest! Touched a nerve...

  13. I love the exclusivity of love represented here...we want only new memories to share...not old ones.