Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My one shot ..

Building bridges
managing ties
getting through the days
we survive

is the golden mean
it simply avoids

Unless we be the change
that does not pretend or lie
oh fie fie fie
we will all die


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  1. i dunno, i tend to live in the extreme...perhaos i need to consider a bit more moderation...

  2. think building bridges is a good goal..bringing people closer together - happy one shot!

  3. Fe, fie, fo, fum...

    Nice One Shot, chum!

  4. Excellent last lines. Not many are ready for the burden of being the change that doesn't lie.

  5. I love your dedication to Peace - because regardless of faith, the soul knows without finding the golden mean, our spirit will perish perhaps before our body does. Well said, succinctly! Thank you. Gay

  6. Death is inevitable anyway, the question is how soon?

  7. Certainly an easier time of surviving days when people get together. Great points in the comments too. Nice One Shot, budhaaah!

  8. So many truths in this poem...well done! :-)

  9. Nice...simple words, plainly spoken, but carrying a complex message of balance and integrity


  10. Brian,I talk about moderration but I am an extremist myself..still trying to learn.

    Claudia,I feel an affinity with people I havent seen but interacted with so much at times..no relationship is superficial -if it is I dont have it

    Eric, Thanks chum :)

    Hedgewitch, Yes, but we cant expect anyone else to be what we dont want to be ourselves

    Gay, Thank you. Peace is all one wants at the end of a happy day or at the end of a cry day

    Smile, :) death is inevitable..at least the physical one because I believe our soul never dies

    Dustus, Yes is it not so much better when you have like-minded people around. Itmakes life so much easier

    Deli, thanks :)Carrie, As I already tol you glad to meet you friend and thanks again

    Michelle, Thank you so much

  11. it reminds me of a quote i once heard, "why worry its not as if we will get out of this alive"..but the sad truth is as long as we are alive we have a mind to control and a life to live...such is the nature of being human. cheers Pete

  12. Beautiful... you played with words so nicely. love it!
    Take care
    Marinela x

  13. Life-smart, painlessly told work. Excellent.

  14. The last few lines are brilliant..
    I like.. :)

  15. I like extremes in thought then moderation in actions.

  16. Excellent!

    We will all die and we are all bond slaves. But the secret of life is to love death and live life. We can't wait for a big pleasure,and say wow! THIS IS MY PLEASURE. Living is all about crafting..small, little things..nature,a simple book, good food, one hour of wholesome chat..or everything gives us pleasure..

    We wait for Sunday and Saturday night we feel oh! tomorrow will be Sunday..what a joy! but if we think..what if Sunday comes and goes..we will not enjoy..

    I think we have some sort of similarity..a very peculiar one..so, I can relate..Love death! Live Life! We will die indeed.

  17. I'm finding my life is more on the extreme lately. Is there every a happy medium to life - with anything? Not sure about that...
    Hope you're doing great!
    Beautiful well-thought out piece!

  18. you have many of the elements needed to get through our days in peace; moderation, building bridges (I love that). That is how we live, how we survive