Sunday, November 14, 2010

The girl who wants to make you laugh,
or the child that makes you cry.
The words that come out thru’ your eyes,
the tears that make you smile.

Tell me - have you ever smiled on tears,
and emotions - that teach you nothing but lies..
have you ever tried to love?
Ever tried to fly??

Tell me ’cause I’m a lonely traveller,
In a land more beautiful than dreams.
Tell me - so that I take back the gift,
- a souvenir of dreams..

Always tried - be a human
-cried when the child cried,
-wanted always to be oh human,
-turned out to be a machine..

Have always wanted to share my love,
have always been too shy..
Always wanted to share with everyone,
But - failure makes me die..

Save me ”cause I am a lonely traveller,
In a land of barriers and screams.
Save me ’cause I have loved everyone,
In your land - stranger than dreams..

For 'Sunday sketches' and 'one shoot sunday'


  1. OH wow! Amazing words to go with a spectacular sketch! Welcome back. :)

  2. Beautiful poem and sketch - raw talent!

  3. lovely poem..may ur travelling b smooth and sharing n caring shuld b continue.. scatch of poem and pic is awesome..

  4. what a touching piece about love and the desire for love

    thanks for sharing with One shoot

  5. You have not failed love, love has failed you. Take no flight on tears and smile with them no more. It is better to travel on feet than wings at times.

  6. wow. this is very beautiful. Looking for love does leave you open to being fooled by your emotions.

    very cool.. glad I found your blog

  7. My favourite verse yet - to me there is just something so primitive about it, something that speaks through the ages.

  8. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments.

    I can not walk
    I try
    But for some weird reason
    can only fly
    I don’t know why
    Maybe God gave me no feet
    But only a heart so
    I could feel
    And try
    Because its never
    Whats been done bad
    Its never what was done
    But what’s left undone
    That keeps me up nights
    even though broken
    I flap full speed ahead
    Towards the light
    Through this night
    I know the dawn is imminent
    - mine -

    (Hey do you think this answer could be my next post hmm :)

    Dear fiveloaf,
    thank you. You are pretty good yourself. I loved the feel of 'feel'

  9. Me agian - I hope you don't mind me leaving a link to this on wednesdays post.

  10. Dear Sy,
    sure glad I found yours too..

  11. powerful piece.
    Thanks for sharing with potluck.

  12. this is poignant and provocative at the same time. a machine? I like tha concept.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, btw.

  13. wow! full of deep emotions. loved it's rhythmic structure!
    thank you

  14. deep words here. very emotional...i love the sketch that accompanies, it too....hope you find your love, and aren't too shy to try...great words. xxoo

  15. A lovely rhythm of words with beautiful sentiment... topped of with an original drawing, makes this site decadent! :o)

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  16. You are so awesome at shading and using proportion.

  17. So lovely, and super fantastic drawing, beautiful!

  18. I tried flying once, I broke two arms and a few teeth...

    Anyway I digress, excellent use of the image. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Nicely done and speaks volumes of the emptiness that lies inside!

  20. nice imagery and use of sentiment. nice job!

  21. you are showing your heart in this piece...I like, touching, quite touching!!

  22. Thank you all for youe kind comments.

  23. I enjoy the combination of your sketch and words... the pose, the feeling.

  24. Your words and the sketch are both beautiful! I love this piece!

  25. I so enjoyed Stanzas 1, 2, 3, and 6. The flow changed in Stanzas 4 & 5 ... but I had such a wonderful time reading this.

  26. Such a beautiful sketch and poem - very emotional and raw.

  27. Dear Budhaaah

    The lonely traveler excels with this one.. I liked it so much.. your words were beautifully put... like these ones...
    'have you ever tried to love?
    Ever tried to fly??'
    thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  28. such a lovely lovely feeling
    and face
    simply beautiful.

  29. this had great flow to it. good work to you ... :-) ~700

  30. This is quite lovely...both the sketch and the poem. Glad I popped over from Pen and Paper.