Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adam and Eve

From the divine to just putrid flesh
How could we become
How far we have come..

Once held dear
But now let gone



  1. painful but true.. every thing changes in this world..

  2. And from putrid flesh to the divine. The transition what we are experiencing everyday.

    By the way, did i tell you this one is great!

  3. Thank you Dr Nutan :)

    Ethan Markoff,
    hmm, I have yet to experience that divine transition. Thank you :)

  4. Love begins when we start forgetting we are just bodies. We have to love everything. Once in some Hindi novelist wrote that love happens in every nook and corner and one falls everytime, and not once.

    Now, the transition is very troublesome but fun indeed. The fun is when we love the trouble and love the way the journey leads us to Thee. We are all divine, we have the self that's just the cloud that cover the sun..once in the most silent moments of our life we see a glimpse of it and then again one cloud comes, pushes the former and take the position. Not believing in the glory of our own soul is what calls atheism.We don't need to realize, it is already realized. We don't commit any sin, only errors.When we allow some thought that agitate our mind that actually rivet one more link in the chain that bind us down, we add one more layer of hypnotism on to our own soul. We are strong, we are glorious cheerful like fairytale of God. Who is God? It is here. Have faith in ourselves! That's it.

  5. Nothing stays the same... how fast some things can change. Beautifully written.

  6. Yes ... in the blink of an eye...

    You sound so sad. Here is a ((((((((hug)))))))).


  7. Letting go of the stink is easy, letting go of the memory of the stink is the hard part. forgive and remember no more.