Friday, October 1, 2010

If just for today..

I will just let life
slide tonight
and later
do the visionary routine..



  1. Don't let it slide too much... :)

  2. जी हाँ ठीक ही तो कहा है आपने...
    जीवन को थोड़ा-बहुत तो अपने ही तरीके से जीने का समय देना ही चाहिए ....नहीं तो आप किसी भी रंग का मज़ा नहीं ले पाओगे ।
    अति सुन्दर भाव !!!

  3. Deb,
    Oh yeah I hope using 'hope 'here aint so good :) What I mean is I wont let it slide all the way.

    Dr Sandhu,
    Thanks for your nice comment. Haan agar hum apne dhaang say ek saans bhee nahi le paye toh jeena bemani sa ho jata hae.
    Meri saans toh blog kay through hee lee jati hae aajkal.

  4. Hello Budh.aah, If you'd like to stop by my blog there is an award with your name on it. Oh and an old English saying 'As you slide down the bannister of life - may the splinters never face the wrong way.'

  5. Thank you so much Petty Witter, you are so generous and sweet.