Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cherry on Top!

I got the Cherry Award!
Well what do you know!!
As a rule now there are three things that I must do.
The first is answer the question ''If I had the chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I, and what would it be?''
The second - Pick up to six people and give them this award.
And the third - Thank the person who gave me this award.
I begin with a 'thank you so much ..mailto:much....PettyWitter@Pen and Paper', for being so generous and thoughtful. This will keep me going for a while now I guess. I can't tell you all (ok I am telling you) how I feel adding copyright*budhaaah* at the end of each post nowadays.
'Copyright', whatever for? Whats there to copy here anyway? The kinda stuff I am doling out nowadays...hmm..and then comes the Petty Witter..just when I decide to take a break from my writing again, till my head is clear enough, - and gives me this award.
Thank you again dear, for the award.
Now for the second one. ''If I had a chance to go back and change one thing in my life, would I, and what would it be?''
Yes, nothing is what I would like to say. But there is always room for improvement, and if such a beautiful oppurtunity does come my way ever (hmm wishful thinking), I would make myself/ be a better person than I am now. Erase the very first instance of my meanness - when I remember being/ doing something mean. Yes go back and change that.
No, my life is not perfect..far from it. But if I wanted to change the one thing that plummeted me into this bottomless pit that my life has become now, then I would simultaneously erase the most precious thing in my life too right now..My kids love..laughter.
And last but not the least, the six people I give this award to are..
oh you guessed right -
P.C.Godiyal@PaahdiStuff! (Since the rule does not say that the award has to be given to fellow bloggers blogging only in a certain language, I take the liberty of giving this award to a hindi/pahadi (Pahadi - a man/woman from the hills) blogger who writes touching pahadi/hindi songs..
Please note: I am aware, that for various reasons, not all bloggers like to post awards on their blogs (TWM for one :), I am no way offended if people choose not to do so..


  1. Thank you sooo much buddy :)Glad to have you back.:)

  2. If I am the cherry on top then you my friend are the goodness 'neath that morsel. Thank you for thinking of me.

  3. budh.aaaji,
    At the out set let me congratulate you for getting this precious cheery award. secondly let me thank you for giving so much importance to this "NAACHEEZ". As far as your question is concerned I think the answers to such questions are getting harder, more challenging :)

  4. Thank you for thinking of me! I am very flattered! This was way too kind of you. :)

  5. Thanks for these links, as I said I think awards are a great way of meeting other bloggers.

  6. You are most welcome Sweta, Mark, P.C.Godiyal, and Deb.

    Petty Witter,
    Yes, you are absolutely right there. In fact blogging itself is a great place to meet like minded souls who I never thought even existed :)