Tuesday, September 28, 2010

He knows..

What do I ask Him?
and how?

God is working on already settled plans..



  1. Well, this certainly had me thinking about the nature of God and all being pre-ordained.

  2. God is not as rigid as we have been taught in our religions. God is not religious. ब्रह्मन् is love.

  3. God knows your prayers even before you speak them. :)

  4. Petty Witter,
    because we are small so we expect from him..

    No God is not rigid at all. After all He is God or should I saythats why He is God. ब्रह्म has it all written they say and its 'amitt' (it simply cant be erased once its written) but God has a beautiful way of working around all that once He decides.

    Thats why when I pray I dont ask for anything and dont want anything either. Because my one goal since childhood was 'to be happy' and he knows that.
    And in any case what if I ask and come back empty-handed. maybe I do follow the dont ask dont regret policy.

  5. Everything is calculated. Only thing is we are ignorant

  6. Everything is calculated by Him you mean? But like I said , if and when He wants to..he can work around that written stuff..and thats why He is God. Simply because He can do that..and more importantly He would want to do that..
    No hard and fast rules for the dude.He uses His heart a lot too.