Monday, September 27, 2010

individual extreme
the horizons of destiny..

for you can still
win that prize..

make your life more than it could be
break the apparent order of things..

but what do you do with excess?



  1. but what do you do with excess?

    in current
    it can't creat
    any financial mess.
    becoz its Ex-Cess !!

  2. Godiyalji,thats one way of looking at things :)

  3. Depends on what i have an excess of. If it is something I haven't laid either eye or hand on in 5 months or more than i give it to whomever will use it more frequently than I. If it is valuable then it is not excess but rather a tool.

  4. That is how it should be, according to the ancient hindu architecture book 'the Vaastu shaastra'.
    sadly I dont follow this throw-the-clutter-out routine. I am a sort of a hoarder. I guess emotional clutter spilling without.

  5. excess is just another form of success. I don't know what I mean by the previous statement, but it sounds ...thoughtful. I like your poetry, makes you think.

    thanks for stopping by my blog, cosmic rapture.

    masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  6. Nothing is excess. The more we gain, the more we beg. The more we beg, the more dissatisfaction comes. You are right 'who do we do with excess'. Let be contended with what we have.

  7. Mastermystery,
    You are right'that excess is another form of success'.
    If we are materialistic then all the excess would mean that we can afford to, and that simply translates into'success'..

    But if we are 'santoshee'(a hindi word meaning content /satisfied souls, happy with whatever we have, finding happiness within)) or spiritual, then also the thought that we have 'excess' will simply mean that we are satisfied with the way (material) things are and can do with less because we have found that 'santosh' within..

    You are right. I am very happy with the (material) less in my world, I am leading almost (my friends say) a hermits life..but I am a far cry from a hermit or a 'rishi/sanyaasee' because I crave..I crave for all that, that cant be attained..and I dont mean material things here.