Thursday, April 2, 2009

yet again..

Stepped out for some time. Had to attend a prayer meeting and at the end of it called him up to come with the kid so that they could be there too.

The kid came with a puffed red face and I was alarmed but still (hope against hope for things to be normal) asked her if she'd been running around in this heat too much. Her eyes filled with tears and she said that he'd hit her - yet again- while studying as well as grabbed her neck threateningly, just because she's not exactly the Einstein he wants her to be.

She is but a small child who wants to be free..


  1. That's sad. It's like the parents who want their son to be the best football player and make it big... Same goes for those awful beauty pageants. Too much pressure on kids and they are still trying to figure their new lives out.

  2. and now you have presented me with a scene that fires up my imagination, the dark destructive portion I have taken so long to walk away from...this is not a man, not a husband and not a father...this is a dog, rabid, that should be put down.

  3. Yes you are right Deb. A child needs all the nurturing she can get while growing up. She definitely doesnt need this.

    Human kind of Human,
    I think I am dead now so dont find it frightening any more.

    Dear Sally,
    Yes :(

    My humiliation is an ongoing process and now his treating the kid like this is just something thats begining to awaken something inside that I didnt even know exist. She needs all the love and respect she can get. She didnt ask to come into this world..