Friday, April 3, 2009


She wanted some water before she went to the corner store and he had flatly refused her and told me as well not to give her any.

I just had to ask him what was more important for him - a child who is well and alive or a dead, but disciplined child. He shook his head as I gave the kid a few sips.

Every little thing becomes a big power struggle and I wonder why it has to.

He btw is apologetic and whereas he had threatened the kid yesterday that 'all will die today', I guess thinking about the repurcussions the beating would cause (knowing how upset I would be), but he changed his tune by the time we reached the house and was very apologetic. Though his being 'very apologetic' translates to just one sentence where he said he will never do it again, and shaking his head..
( Ah well folks, bad computer -keeps hanging after every 2 minutes so lost the earlier one that I'd written, and feeling too tired to write it all over again)


  1. It is the medium that contains the pattern. If it is water and the ripples from a pebble change the surface of the water then it shows all change is possible...If it is a pattern in stone, carved or natural then how will the stone change less some master craftsman come with hammer and mallet and sculpt the stone into something beautiful?

  2. What a beautiful comment Mark.