Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The day is gone..

Another day gone by
and I didnt try
for happiness

When tomorrow comes
will again
embrace loneliness..



  1. Another day gone by
    looking for something
    outside your eyes
    to give you comfort.

    I have traveled that path
    found only the emptiness
    of a world shorn of warmth.
    It was not until I turned my eyes
    to the inward path
    that found my souls completeness.

  2. Yes I felt sad,dejected when I wrote that Sally.

    The walking man,
    Been lookin inward since a loooong time so much so that have been called a hermit by my folks, but I aint no hermit for I look inwards and my soul craves

  3. find the thing your soul seeks and eat and drink deeply of it. Isolation means self sufficiency, everything needed is within the hermits cave.