Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The kid fell down last night..from the bed.

I have'nt slept -or so it seems- since the kid was born. As soon as she tosses and turns my eyes pop open on their own. So when I heard a loud thud yester night - I immediately sat up and said ' oh my God my baby has fallen from the bed. There was a net all around so that kinda breaks the fall, but really a fall when one is fast asleep will even shake an elder up and she's but a kid.

But he gets up at the commotion and guess what he has to say..'bloody bitch, cant even sleep right'..

I mean what is this? Could someone please make his kind of reactions clear to me. Why or how on earth can he swear at the kid when all she needs at the time is a helping hand to yank her up, then check for the 'boo-boo's if any and then kiss it better for her. Thats not too much to ask.

I dont know everyday I get nearer to the resolution I'd made last year. Oh please dont laugh - yes that was last year, and if I say this then that means I am moving pretty fast now. Otherwise taking any decision takes forever - like a lifetime..

Sun sign Libra, moonsign Capri..Typical Libran trait - so there, now I can easily wash my hands off the ugly indecisive me.

Its been a :( day.. hope to smile tomorrow.


  1. i hope you have a better day, sometimes we are indecisive for a reason, when you are ready to make a choice, you'll know when the time is right to act...

  2. aww,this sucks. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!Hope your little girl has had no serious boo boos.I used to fall down in sleep all the time.Explains why I am a bit unhinged I guess...lol

  3. The simplest way I can put his reaction is he is a complete asshole and like assholes everywhere he spews nothing but shit.


  4. Hey sal,
    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Miss Nobody,
    thanks a ton. You always manage to put the smile right back on my face :)

    Walking man,
    My friend, yours has become the shoulder I put my head on..

  5. Oops walking man,
    what I meant was 'yours has become the shoulder I cry on' ( and that too without your permission :)

  6. I have broad shoulders, there is room for more tears and always room for friends.