Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have not stopped loving you…

I still ache for you every day

My morning doesn’t open up on me

without showing me your face in its light

My ears don’t hear the birds sing

Till they hear your beautiful laughter..sighs

My eyes…don’t open till they see your smile - in my mind -

till a single drop from them trickles out and dies....

For One Shot Wednesday

After a harsh day from him on 16/12/10 and I pondered how it would be to live without love's divine presence in my life I wrote this poem..–thinking (then) how I would feel if ever (God forbid) we break-up....


  1. Thanks for sharing your heart here.

  2. ugh on it being a matter of survival...i hope that love finds you...

  3. sometimes we just don't know how to survive without the one we love...and i too hope that love finds made me feel those words..

  4. The raw emotion showed here. I just hope the survival got easier.

  5. I hope that love and peace find you.

  6. There are very few things that are harder than getting over a break up when we have truly loved. It takes a long time for a morning to start without their laughter, their smile, their eyes in our memory, and when it does...freedom!

  7. That's the very definition of love there! Undying..and lingering on... and vanishing just as soon as it appeared!

    Well expressed, my friend..

  8. It is a matter of life, this mortal life, which does not, can not, thank God go on forever.

  9. DEar Bud'aahh, as someone who was thrust into a break up, I pray you never go through one. the heartache never totally leaves. Wishing you the best there.

    With that then, just wanted to tell you that I am closing Hot Toast and Jam and thought you might enjoy its last post.

    I will still be visiting just not as much (as if I have been that frequent anyway) as one might expect when hosting a personal blog, verses an art one.

    Let me just say then, thank you for your support along the way, esp at the xmas tea -- here's wishing you the best until we should ever chat again!

  10. found an old email today and followed it back here...hope you are well...