Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One shot

Listless...goes the day
and yet I crave
- for thee -

My one shot - took the pix from a moving car.


  1. Beautiful photo and evocative words - really liked the combination of the two, they complement each other.

  2. I crave and never want to stop craving

  3. I think those listless days make the craving more profound

    perfect statement

    Nicely done for One Shot

    moonie smiles

  4. The picture and the words crawled in my heart and took up residence..
    the craving is as sweet as the end result...
    beautiful post...just beautiful!

  5. I didn't realise so much could be said in ten words. Well done.

  6. I crave for the escape above the plane, through that small hole between the clouds holding me bound to the stratosphere to the cosmos beyond.

  7. Deep emotions behind this...
    I love it :)

  8. the combo of words and photo...perfect;)

  9. There is effulgent Sun behind the clouds. clear the clouds and we are Thee.


    your identity doesn't create any ripples in my mind. you are and will always Budhaah...crispy, sweet, full of love.

  10. Wow, how beautiful - the picture and the words together.

  11. marousia, well I am sure glad that the combo worked :)

    JBT, sometimes the hunger, yearning is an essential make-up of one's soul

    One Stop or should I say Moonie , Thanks a ton. hugs
    Lynne, the end is nowhere in sight here. But yes the ending would've been as sweet as the craving

    Valerie, Thanks for doing the word count dear :)

    Gabriela, Thank you

    Hey Mark, we all will reach the same destination...eventually, but whats the big hurry? The time will come when the time is right.

    Sumit, Thank you for this and thanks again.

    Gautami, It is nice to know that you could hear it, makes one feel better when the voice does not spew silence. Thanks

    David, Glad you liked it

    Myrna, Hmm I was skeptical at first but now marousia, David and you convinced me :)

    You words overwhelm me..

  12. hope you weren't driving that car, great shot

  13. A One Shot with a one shot photo? Genius!

    (Careful taking pics while driving!)

  14. Beautifully simple. I like that.

  15. This is so beautifully One Shot that I had to read it quite a few times. That doesn't make sense, does it? It is beautiful though. Thanks. :-)

  16. and i hope the craving never stops...

  17. Smile,
    Nope I wasnt driving that car. I might be impulsive but jeopardising not just my life but many others alongwith is just not my style :)

    Thanks for ur words and the concern :)

    You are all my support system here..what one tells to throw in the trash the others - all of you - make it seem well worth the effort

    I am so touched..and hey it all makes sense. its just the angle we look from :)

    Oh please dont say that...deliverance be nigh and if God hears you he might just change his plans :)

  18. Aww... few words, speaking a saga for themselves!
    Listlessness can arouse a craving which is almost uncontrollable and killing!

    A superb one shot, Budhaaah...

  19. You--my new friend--are just AWESOME!

    And that's No BS! I don't do that!