Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fill me up
with your warmth
and treat me to this night..

stand just far enough to caress..
caress me with your sighs

you want to..outdo yourself
look at life with different eyes

leave this sad withereing heart
where life was long denied

No,did not happen overnight
It took centuries for me to die

did not know
that I was dead
till I shed a tear
a soul less cry



  1. *Nods*

    Beautiful piece...

  2. Do you write these all on the days you post? As a poet, I have to ask. They're so beautiful! I'm so glad you commented on my blog and brought me here, thank you!

  3. and I love the bit below your title- I am and I was/ I feel and yet I lost/ I am in deep/ and yet I float/ In debt and yet I hope I can really relate...

  4. Dr Nutan,
    Thank you dear.

    Copius amount of tears still flow like the ganges here..

    Hi Ramesh,
    with the lovely sense of humor you have, you will definitely find it deep :)

    It means much to me thanks

    I sure am glad I went there too. And yes, I write just before I post..well almost always.
    And thanks for the kind comments

  5. Just_because_today,
    thank you so much for your kind words

    P.N. Subramanian,
    Hey I am pleasantly surprised that you liked it..