Thursday, August 26, 2010


Holdin her by her neck he dragged her back to her room..I was in the bath and ran outside when I heard commotion and saw him..

'Stop' is all I could say at the top of my voice and ran to the kid. Took her in my arms. She tries to shut me out too now. She allows me to hug her and hold her but thats it..she doesnt hug back ..for a few minutes.

Nobody would like/be proud of a weak protector I guess.

Some love did bring her out of it and she said she didnt want to speak to 'the man' as she refers to him now. But a shout from him was all it took and she ran outside at hs prompt to do his bidding.

I looked at him and he said 'well she needs to be reminded who the boss is around here..she aint the father you know, I dont want any bu**s**t from her'..

A lovely happy child and now changing, becoming an angry, resentful child..

I was hoping for some respite from him given the circumstances in my life right now but he goes on in his regular mode as if everything is the same..


  1. That's a very disturbing incidence. Someone needs to remind "the man" he is not there to be the boss!

  2. Thanks Bhavesh to you too for taking time out visiting and leaving a comment..thanks a lot