Monday, August 30, 2010


What does a touch mean?
its firm or just some grease..
How does the mind feel?
does it rot..does it keel?

I dont know
how love feels..
In the face of
broken dreams..



  1. Thank you for returning to my blog. It is always nice to have someone come back to visit. I have got a lot of things going on right now...will be blogging about them soon plus an upcoming over seas cruise to blog about and then trhere is always Earl. Keep up the poetry. If it moves you...write about it. Thanks again. Rick

  2. Broken dreams, broken hearts leads to a lack of faith. Don't let it happen to you! :(

  3. Dear Rick, like I said
    hope Earl just curls up and dies..
    Thanks for taking time out and visiting.

    Hey Deb,
    hope not Deb, thanks for being so thoughtful..