Friday, April 17, 2009

to speed..

I am going
too fast
then at times
too slow

It scares me
-to no end-
You know


  1. Driving this massive beast we call life can be like that...accelerating hard and braking harder...the key is in teaching the foot, and only the foot, to work the pedals in synchronicity.

    I always liked teaching people to drive...especially a manual transmission.

  2. I am scared to drive..literally too.

    I just cant take the Delhi traffic which is absolutely without rules, and lanes, what lanes? Its scary, I tried real hard but I wish I had the auto transmission car 'cause changing gears and driving in this traffic is impossible at least for me.

    Or maybe the confidence level has plummeted to an on time low, because once upon a time I used to drive a mobike and love it. Though just for some time, but had the 'can do' attitude then.

    Or maybe I didnt have the right teacher eh. What say you :)

  3. Resurrect the thing within you that allows risk and delight at coming out at the front of the pack when the light turns green.

    In traffic, all traffic, the best defense is a strong offense.