Saturday, April 11, 2009

the soul..

And I thought,
I was on a roll

Just because he said
he had a conscience
and a soul..


  1. I never know what i'm going to find here, and i don't know how much is what you are going through now...but every visit take me to a place in my past, thank you... sal xxx

  2. In my gut
    is a voice that uses no words.
    Even without
    the ability to speak it tells me what I should do.

  3. Your peom sounds like it could be the chorus to a catchy song. Liked it a lot.

  4. dear Sal,

    I hope the visit to your past is not painful, otherwise I could not forgive myself for bringing pain to a brave n beautiful soul like you.XXX

    the voice tells me
    the gut knows
    but how do I find the courage?

    thanks a ton for visiting. hope to see more of you :)