Sunday, February 8, 2009

The visit..

Avoided going to visit her, even though had so prepared all morning to go. Its something I've started looking forward to I realized..

It was very dissappointing in the end not to go and the whole day was spent listlessly..a thoroughly aimless day with not a peep/squeek of hope. That place brings about so many good memories. Of days long gone..and forgotten.

In fact if I hadnt gone there I wouldnt have remembered that birds did once indeed sing songs that my heart identified with.

I couldnt risk going there. The kid had a black eye. Ok not black but red. The bruise is pretty much there, just like we seen criminals getting it after engaging in prison or street fights.

Only this bruise or 'the eye' that my kid got was the result of 'learning a lesson'.

I wonder how far this lesson will take her in life. I wonder if she will have a life..

How could I take a lil kid with a black eye to see another kid who's got stars in her eyes. The kid and I missed our visit there..

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