Thursday, February 26, 2009


Young at heart
- yet - growing old
a hard days night - and - wavering hope
No promises to keep
still - wake me up
when the sun is up
- again - with fun



  1. Well said budh.aaah. My first visit to this post. And am glad to be here. Will be back for the rest. You ARE an Artist...!
    Many thanks for visiting Minu's post. Yes, almost all Indian women are survivors are'nt they..?

  2. And I am glad you came for a visit. Will look forward to more visits from you. I enjoyed reading your post about Minu.
    Yes tis sad but the state of Indian women is pathetic. Times are changing but mostly the changes are cosmetic in nature than the real upheavel that is required to bring 'equality' in the true sense.
    Yes, I am an artist.

  3. I like this very much. Especially like the opening lines. If you find the fun waking you up anytime soon come and shake my bed so I can witness it as well.

  4. Thank you my dear Walking Man. Oh I hope so too, I hope so too..Everynight I go to sleep hoping /expecting fun to shake/wake me up the next day. Ever the optimist..

  5. Hm,i like this one.I'm so glad I can comment now,something was wrong when I tried to comment,all I got was "error on page" :( But all's good now :)